Department of Commerce Issues 40 Days of Tolling for AD and CVD Deadlines

The Department of Commerce has issued guidance on deadlines impacted by the government shutdown. The memo is attached below. The DOC has decided to toll all deadlines for 40 days, except for requests for administrative reviews of suspension agreements and requests for AD and CVD administrative reviews. For AD and CVD orders and suspension agreements with December and January anniversary months, all administrative review requests will be due by February 28, 2019. For your convenience CapTrade has prepared the following Tolling Date Table.

The table shows the original deadlines and corresponding new tolled deadlines using the DOC’s 40 days determination. It works as follows. We have added 40 days to the calendar date, adjusting the new date, as discussed in the accompanying DOC memo, for weekends and holidays. If the original unadjusted date itself fell on a weekend or holiday, the table simply adds 40 days. Thus, these are the earliest dates, based on this interpretation of the Commerce tolling memo. For deadlines that originally fell on a weekend or holiday before the DOC’s standard adjustment for weekends and holidays, you should contact Commerce for further guidance. If we hear of any changes or clarifications to the tolling memo, we will update this post. CapTrade is not responsible for any missed deadlines, and recommends that you contact the Enforcement and Compliance staff assigned to a specific proceeding to confirm the actual deadlines for AD/CVD investigations.

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