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This tool generates estimates of statutory deadlines for U.S.  AD/CVD investigations, based on the date on which the petition(s) was accepted by the U.S. International Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce.  To generate a list of estimated timelines, enter the petition filing date, and check the appropriate box for the type(s) of cases filed. If, because of a government shutdown, the deadlines are tolled by the two agencies, enter the number of days tolled. The deadlines shown are based on the number of days between critical points in investigations, per statutory provisions as of October 2013, and are adjusted automatically forward in cases where they fall on weekends or traditional U.S. government holidays.   Please note, however, that these estimates are for internal scheduling only, and should not be used as definitive representations of actual agency deadlines.  CapTrade recommends that you check with the appropriate agency to confirm the actual deadlines for AD/CVD investigations.

Petition Filed   

What type of investigation is this?

   AD Only
   CVD Only
   Both AD & CVD
   Both AD & CVD Aligned

Other Investigation Characteristics (Select all those apply)

  The domestic industry was polled
  The preliminary results were extended
  The final results were extended

Was the case tolled? If yes, select number of days.

All calculated dates will be adjusted by figure selected.

DOC Initiation of Investigation
ITC Preliminary Determination
DOC Preliminary CVD Determination
DOC Preliminary AD Determination
DOC Final CVD Determination
DOC Final AD or AD/CVD Aligned Determination
ITC Final Injury Determination CVD
ITC Final Injury AD or AD/CVD Aligned Determination***
Order Date CVD
Order Date AD or AD/CVD Aligned

*In rare cases, the domestic industry will be polled for support. This adds 20 days.
**Also rare instances of government closure where all case deadlines are extended such as Hurricane Sandy Example: http://ia.ita.doc.gov/download/Hurricane-Sandy-tolling-memo-20121031.pdf
***If DOC prelim is negative but the final is affirmative the ITC final injury determination is 75 days from the DOC final.


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