International Economics Research

International Economics Research

Capital Trade has conducted a number of economic and policy-related studies requested by governments, companies, and industry associations. Capital Trade prepared studies for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on strategic industries in China, state-owned enterprises, and FDI from China; and various studies for Middle Eastern governments examining the effects of potential industrial policies and trade liberalization and the depth of the economic relationship with the United States.

Capital Trade prepares occasional special reports on the size of the “Fair Use” economy for the Computer and Communications Industry Association and conducted a study estimating the impact of the U.S. Miscellaneous Tariff Bill for the Tariff Action Coalition. Sample corporate engagements include an economic analysis of trade flows for Chilean table grape producers and an economic analysis of changes in trade flows resulting from previous free trade agreements for a U.S. textile producer.

Engagements frequently require the use of economic models, such as the GTAP model, and/or econometric techniques.

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