Daniel Klett


Daniel Klett


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Technical Expertise — Injury
Expert Testimony
Antidumping Monitoring and Liability Elimination Strategies
International Economics
Partial and General Equilibrium Modeling
Financial Statement Modeling
Financial Analysis

Mr. Klett specializes in international economics and trade regulation, with specific expertise in assessing the economic impact of imports on U.S. industries and consumers. He has participated in studies involving free-trade agreements, direct foreign investment in the United States, and other trade policy analysis for foreign governments. A former economist with the U.S. International Trade Commission, he has extensive experience in antidumping, escape clause, and Section 337 intellectual property infringement proceedings. He has appeared as an expert witness before the International Trade Commission at a number of hearings.


M.A. in Economics from Georgetown University (1985).
B.A. in Economics from College of the Holy Cross (1976).


Economic Effects of the TPP: Athletic Footwear.  With Andrew Szamosszegi. (August 2013).

“The U.S. Tariff Act, Section 337: Off-Shore Assembly and the Domestic Industry,” Journal of World Trade Law, May-June 1986.

“Price Sensitivity and ITC Injury Determinations: A Matter of Definition,” (with T. Schneider) Journal of World Trade, April 1994.

“Proposed Changes Concerning Import Duties and Domestic Indirect Tax Rebates–Conformity to the GATT, and Benefits to the Peruvian Export Sector,” Presented at Foro Internacional Sobre Devolucion de Impuestos y Drawback a Las Exportaciones, Lima, Peru, August, 1994.