Garri Gzirian


Garri Gzirian

CPA, Project Manager

(202) 955-6812


Technical Expertise – Antidumping
Technical Expertise – Antisubsidy
Subsidy Valuation
Verification Support
Cost Accounting
Financial Analysis
Native Russian

Mr. Gzirian is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive international financial and cost accounting experience with particular expertise in the analysis of cost of production data in antidumping proceedings.

Prior to joining Capital Trade, Mr. Gzirian was a Senior Accountant in the Office of Accounting in Import Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce. In this position, he was responsible for the analysis of foreign companies’ financial, cost, and tax accounting information. Mr. Gzirian conducted on-site verifications of cost accounting systems in various countries, including France, Italy, Korea, Indonesia, and India. In addition to antidumping proceedings, Mr. Gzirian helped to develop standard documents and analytical tools used by Import Administration staff in antidumping investigations. From this experience, Mr. Gzirian is well suited to advising clients on Commerce practice and reporting requirements, and he has an insider’s knowledge of acceptable cost allocation methodologies.

While at Commerce, Mr. Gzirian also participated in drafting a report on the Russian steel industry for the President’s Steel Action Program. He was responsible for research and analysis of general economic conditions, structural reform policies, and the financial performance of main Russian steel producers. Mr. Gzirian met with major steel producers in Russia to study the current state of accounting in the Russian steel industry. This and his prior experiences in Russia put Mr. Gzirian in a unique position to advise clients on matters involving producers from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Prior to specializing in antidumping analysis, Mr. Gzirian worked for four years as a CPA in Seattle and, before that, as a cost accountant and manager with Moskvich Automotive Co. in Moscow, Russia.


B.A. in Accounting from Seattle Pacific University (Magna Cum Laude, 1994)

B.A. in Industrial Economics from Moscow Automobile Building Institute (1990)

B.A. in Electrical Engineering from Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry (1981)